About Us.

Your principal contractor of choice for construction projects since 2007.


We understand that no two clients are the same

Adopting a forward thinking approach with an honest and transparent outlook has allowed us to forge long-lasting partnerships which we value highly.

Being flexible and able to adapt quickly has meant we have delivered complex projects that exceed our clients expectations.

We are fully committed to continuously developing our health and safety awareness, policies & procedures, ensuring that health and safety is the top priority.

The result is an exemplary safety record since our incorporation.


Our Mission

In order to achieve the above identified factors, our CSR aims to manage and enhance the environment, economy and social impacts on stakeholders through the application of:

Sustainability and environmental policies which include

  • Using sustainable resources
  • Minimising emissions
  • Using local suppliers
  • Recycling the maximum on-site and office generated waste
  • Monitoring and reducing carbon footprint

Contribution to the public in general and our local community including

  • Donations of time
  • Donations of expertise
  • Donation of finances
  • Fundraising

Training including

  • Training of staff and customers in environmental issues
  • Health and safety
  • Ensure that staff have access to human rights as dictated by human rights law
  • Enforcement of human rights through our documented employee contracts and policies
  • Equal opportunity policies
  • Prevention of unfair trading methods and corruption through our documented anti-bribery policies
  • Fair and ethical treatment of all stakeholders

We pledge consistency when it comes to delivering with ethics and economic development in mind. This is the essence of CSR at Firecrest.

Principal contractor with principal values

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